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Check Verification

Solupay provides access to one of the largest positive and negative databases in the nation, with over 180 million positive records and 28 million negative records. This accounts for “knowledge” of roughly 95% of the checks written in retail in the nation. The service also protects you from returned checks by identifying consumers who have recently been conducting an unusual level of check-writing activity or have young accounts (i.e. not in the positive database).

The database is provided by 280 collection agencies across the nation, with over 180,000 contributing merchants locations, including some of the largest retailers in the nation. With a wide range of merchants and locations, this database has been tested and proven by the largest retailers in the nation as the BEST positive and negative database available.

Detailed Data
Some check authorization providers live in the “YES/NO” world. However, we believe the store manager is the best source of deciding when a check should be accepted, not a programmer 5 states away. Take the example of Aunt Rose, who has shopped in your store for 30 years. For some reason, she needs 3 trips to the grocery store that day and upon writing the third check in a 24-hour period, she gets a DECLINE from our competition for writing too many checks.

The 88 velocity parameters we support will allow us to give a WARNING based on a specific rule set established ahead of time, then provide DETAILED information returned to the Point of Sale for the manager to determine whether or not to accept the check. The following are examples of DECLINES and WARNINGS.

We provide up to 192 bytes of warning or decline data to give objective information about the account.
For example, a decline can be as shown (in a textual, human readable format):


800 555-1234

COLLECTIONS R US            
800 555-8888

And a warning:







The national database is updated over 300 times a day (with about 91,000 records a day), thus minimizing the number of “false declines.” These “false declines” are often issued by our competition to a customer that has paid for his returned check, but is still getting declined. This is a major issue with other national databases that rely on merchants to update the database, as opposed to collection agencies that add and remove checks, and are governed and reviewed by various agencies for compliance to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Payroll Verification processing verifies against the database that provides velocity against the Driver’s License used to cash the check. If one Driver’s License is verified multiple times, then we can provide declines or warnings. Payroll checks can NOT be converted to an electronic item. They can be authorized, but the check must be deposited at your bank for payment or process thru Check 21, which we support also.

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