Payment Solutions

Solupay offers the most technologically advanced products and services in the industry to meet the needs of our merchants. We continuously work to develop strategic partnerships with our vendors to provide the best pricing and service to pass these savings and new products on to our merchants. As integration experts, we pride ourselves on understanding what products and services best suit our merchants. With our industry knowledge and far reaching networks, we have the confidence that our products and services will far exceed your expectations.

Offer Alternative Payments such as Apple Pay, PayPal, EMV, ACH, Affirm and more to increase revenue and drive incremental sales.

Solupay is hyper-focused on minimizing costs by optimizing Interchange Management and Level III processing.

Eliminate chargebacks with our suite of Fraud Tools designed to ensure zero cardholder friction.

Business Driven Solutions

Alternative Payments

Increase your sales by offering alternative payments immediately. We are constantly adding new payment methodology, including, but not limited to:


View our video on ACH Payments, getting you paid faster.

Interchange Optimization with Level III Processing Capabilities Means More Data, Less Fees!

With Solupay, you have access to our Interchange Management Program, reducing your overall interchange costs. Plus, a Dedicated Relationship Manager is assigned to each and every client, regardless of size, so you can rest assured we are doing our best to keep interchange as low as possible for you.

LEVEL III: Our Level III process capabilities send extra data on Corporate, Purchasing, Government and Business transactions and can reduce overall costs up to 1.10%.

Automatic Re-authorizations: Stale authorizations (over 7 days old) can be automatically reauthorized, yielding an additional savings of 0.50% on some card types.

Read our article: Uncovering the Truth Behind Interchange Fees.

Reducing Manual Processes to Improve Overall Efficiency

Controlling costs go beyond lowering fees. True efficiency is achieved when manual processes can be automated.

Automated Reconciliation: Automate the process of reconciling transactions with our direct integration within many ERP systems.

Automated Invoicing Solutions: eInvoice-2-Cash, eStatement-2-Cash, and eQuote-2-Cash: They can get you paid faster with less effort.

Integrated Collection Tools: Eliminate the lengthy collections process.

Card Account Updater: No longer chase down clients for updated credit card information on recurring billing plans.


View our video on Automated Invoicing Solutions from Solupay.

Advanced Fraud Management Tools that Reduce Cardholder Friction

3D Secure Advanced: Patented, rules-based 3D secure engine that eliminates cardholder friction at checkout.

Kount: We partner with Kount to provide fraud and risk management that detects and prevents eCommerce and credit card fraud for online and card-not-present merchants.

Signifyd: 100% chargeback guarantee with Signifyd eCommerce assurance.


Download our Evolution of 3D Secure Whitepaper.

Billing & Subscriptions

Tokenization: With Solupay’s tokenization program, you complete a shortened version of the annual PCI DSS assessment, making compliance easier to manage and saving costs. Further, tokenization vastly reduces a merchant’s risk if a data violation occurs. If a merchant’s system is breached, the criminals would get the token numbers, which are essentially worthless.

Account Updater: Account Updater through Solupay protects and strengthens our merchant’s customer relationships with a quick and easy solution to updating card account information on recurring billing subscriptions.

Why Solupay

We have never raised our profit margin on any client for 13 years

We minimize your card processing costs while providing tools to increase your sales

We reduce manual processes through customized integrations, improving your operational efficiency

We provide the tools to eliminate payments fraud and kick chargeback losses to the curb


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