Integrated Payments and Developers

At Solupay, we put developers first. We are always evolving to be the new standard in the payments industry. Our team of software engineers work diligently to ensure every integration, no matter how complex, is simple for the merchant and end users alike.

We speak the language of the developer. When you work with Solupay, you work with a team of experienced solutions engineers ready to tackle your integration.

We make payment processing simple. Behind every payment solution is a robust integration that delivers a seamless end user experience.

From standard ERP & Shopping Cart integrations, to customized solutions, we provide support to launch your solution quickly and efficiently.


Shopping Carts

Solupay’s shopping cart integrations increase sales by boosting average tickets, reducing abandonment at checkout, and keeping checkout simple.

   Financing Options (Affirm, Synchrony, Bread)
   Alternative Payments (Google Checkout, Apple Pay)
   Securely Store Profiles for Future Use

Merchants can also enjoy the following features that will continue to optimize the bottom line:

   No Chargebacks Guaranteed with Signifyd
   Level III Purchasing Card Support Lowers Interchange by up to 1%
   Eliminate PCI Scope Leveraging Web Browser to Gateway Technology and Tokenization

ERP Integrations

Payments within an ERP system can be very complex and have very unique demands and have multiple touch points.

   Sales Orders Customer Centers
   Cash Sales Invoicing
   Deposits Subscription Billing
   Shopping Carts Point of Sale (POS)

Solupay’s prebuilt integrations work with a wide variety of ERP systems including NetSuite. Our ERP integrations provide many enhancement features that drive bottom line results and eliminate manual processes.

Click here to view the full list of detailed ERP integration features.

Robust Tools for Integration

Solupay unleashes tremendous flexibility to deliver a smooth experience for both cardholders and merchants. Whether you are a complex ERP solution, an eCommerce store, or a retail store, Solupay’s incredible APIs provide you with unbelievable flexibility. These tools help you build the foundation to continue to add new payment, financing or even fraud tools with ease.

Our solutions are completely scalable and deliver the often forgotten reporting required to be effective.

Unprecedented Support for Developers

Developer support is critical to the success of your organization. It is not enough to have an easy API to be effective in payments today. This is only one-third of the equation. The design of the ultimate integration to ensure that interchange optimization and best practices which eliminate manual processes are met. Our complete team of integration specialists are ready to assist with these decisions and to ensure our powerful tools do not go to waste.


Why Solupay

We have never raised our profit margin on any client for 13 years

We minimize your card processing costs while providing tools to increase your sales

We reduce manual processes through customized integrations, improving your operational efficiency

We provide the tools to eliminate payments fraud and kick chargeback losses to the curb


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